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Services | Ayurvedic Abhyanga warm oil Massage

Abhyanga is part of an ancient Indian health system called Ayurveda. Warm Dosha specific oils anoint the skin and body. The practitioner uses long rhythmic strokes with this warm herbal oil. This soothing and invigorating massage helps to calm the nervous system, lubricate joints, promote deep restful sleep, help the body detoxify, promote lymphatic and arterial circulation, and boost the immune system.

The cold dry temperatures that winter bring, also bring along some pretty serious physical and psychological ailments including seasonal depression, aching joints, dry hair and skin, weight gain and sleepless nights.

Two services:

*Abhyanga massage and Dosha evaluation 75 minutes, $100*

In your session you will be given a questionnaire and pulse and tongue diagnosis to determine your dosha (body/mind type) and to create a plan for your massage with high quality oils to address your individual needs. Please *email* or call: 206-329-2060 to book this service.

*Abhyanga, any Dosha warm oil massage 60 minutes, $90*

This one hour Abhyanga (warm oil) massage includes Ayurvedic oils for any Dosha. This service is Abhyanga massage only without the Dosha evaluation. This service may be *booked online* or by contacting the center directly: 206-329-2060.

Abhyanga is contraindicated during pregnancy.

*Email* or *call: 206-329-2060* to book your session or to speak with someone directly.