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Conditions Treated | Immune and Digestive

Science is discovering more and more evidence for the importance of the digestive system.  Some have even called the gut the second brain because immunity and hormonal balance are so affected by the digestive tract.  Chinese Medicine can help boost digestive “fire” allowing you to get more nutrition from your food.  It can also help boost metabolism to regulate weight and blood sugar levels.  Controlled trials have been shown it to be particularly effective for nausea caused by pregnancy or chemotherapy.  Chinese herbal formulas and dietary theory may be suggested.

Chinese Medicine can be very effective at helping your body prevent or recover from illness.  Acupuncture helps give your body a leg up to heal itself.   Strong lung and adrenal (the gland that helps manage stress) function are important to our immunity.  Boosting these organs through Chinese medicine can help relieve sinus congestion, asthma and skin disorders.  Chinese medicine can support your constitution as well as eliminate pathogenic factors such as dampness, heat and cold which may contribute to imbalances.

Common cold—symptoms and prevention
Respiratory allergies
Food allergies
Constipation or diarrhea
Eating disorders
Weight management
Skin problems
Cancer support
Sinus congestion