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Conditions Treated | Pain - acute and chronic

Acupuncture can help decrease all kinds of pain. It is effective for relaxing tight muscles, soothing irritated nerves, decreasing inflammation as well as releasing endorphins.  Acupuncture helps give your body a leg up to heal itself.  Your body has the incredible ability to repair itself from injury, but sometimes this process is hindered by stress or other imbalances.  This is where the important message of acupuncture can help guide your body back on track. 

Bell’s palsy
Cancer pain
Dental pain
Facial pain
Herpes zoster
Knee pain
Labor pain
Low back pain
Menstrual pain
Neck pain
Postoperative pain
Raynaud syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis
Shoulder pain
Sore throat (including tonsillitis)
Spine pain, acute
Stiff neck
Stomach ulcer or inflammation
TMJ (temporomandibular dysfunction)
Tennis elbow