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If you are interested in treatment, but not sure who you want to speak with or if you have questions, please call our center line at 206-329-2060. This is a voice message line. Someone will return your call within 24 hours.

Union Center For Healing
2100 E. Union Street
Seattle, WA 98122

Phone: 206-329-2060
Fax: 206-329-2357


For all first acupuncture visits:
If you know which provider you want to see please contact the acupuncturist directly by phone or email. If you do not have a preference or have questions please contact us by email, (info@unioncenterforhealing.com) or phone (206-329-2060).

If you are a current client:
please book your appointment online.

Roxane Geller EAMP, LMP 206-329-2060  Roxane@unioncenterforhealing.com
Vickie Summerquist EAMP, LMP 206-329-2060 Vickie@unioncenterforhealing.com
Kate Chilson EAMP, LMP, Cranial Sacral Therapist 206-329-2060 kate@unioncenterforhealing.com
Robin Anderson, EAMP, MSOM robin@unioncenterforhealing.com

For all five acupuncturists: 206-329-2060 info@unioncenterforhealing.com

Book a return appointment with Roxane, Vickie, Robin, or Kate:

Massage Therapists

Please see about us for specialties

Brad Darr, LMP
Jeong Lee, LMP
Katherine Mulholland, LMP
Lily Kerson, LMP

206-329-2060 info@unioncenterforhealing.com

Energy Healing

Dawn Moss
Reiki and Energy Healer



The Interdependence Project meets once a week and holds a group meditation.

Contact: Meredith    website