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Services | Cosmetic Acupuncture

The skin on the face is particularly susceptible to evidence of constitutional imbalances, as well as exposure to sun, pollution, and stress. Cosmetic acupuncture can be easily incorporated into a holistic plan that will help you age gracefully and naturally.

cosmetic acupuncture

Our treatments are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Four areas are addressed: Yin, Yang, Qi, and blood. The Yang energy; which fuels cellular repair, and Yin energy; which supports collagen production, begin to wane with age. Our skin becomes drier, less supple, and wrinkled. Cosmetic acupuncture helps address skin changes by promoting harmony within the body.

Clinical studies show that cosmetic acupuncture reduces acne, rosacea, melasma, and verruca. A pilot study revealed that five treatments of cosmetic acupuncture greatly improved facial elasticity.

Treatments begin with a thorough TCM diagnosis. Acupuncture points are chosen to rebalance your constitution. Painless electro-stimulation is applied to key facial points to build energy and increase circulation. An intensive yet relaxing facial acupuncture treatment follows. The session concludes with an essential oil hydrosol and facial serum application. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations will also be made to enhance treatment effects. A series of 10 visits (2 per week) is recommended for optimal results. Packages of 5 and 10 visits are available for purchase.

How It Works

Cosmetic acupuncture works on internal stressors that affect overall health as well as external evidence that can show up on our skin. Examples include dullness, dryness, and lack of elasticity. Tiny, thin needles will be carefully inserted into selected facial points. Some points might have two or three needles inserted.

The face gives us lots of information on body imbalances. The meridians (energy lines), which correspond to a specific body organ, are where we locate the acupuncture points. There are many facial points that we can target for individual needs.

From a Chinese medical perspective, the selected facial points correspond to the Yang organ meridians, where high levels of Qi and blood circulate throughout the body. These points also raise the body’s energy upward, and descend anxiety and worry. Most patients not only see skin improvement, but also notice that their eyes shine more brightly. This is called the Shen, or “spirit” in Chinese, which is a strong indicator of youth and vitality.

Based on your particular diagnosis body points will also be selected to re-establish balance within the entire body. These will increase Qi and blood circulation as well as direct them to the facial needles during the treatment.

From a modern medical perspective the tiny needles inserted into the facial points create a microtrauma to the area, drawing oxygen and blood to the area to begin repair. With treatment repetition, collagen and elastin levels are gradually and exponentially improved.

cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture and Me

Potential Benefits of cosmetic acupuncture include:
- Improved skin tone and texture
- Improved muscle tone by lifting and firming areas of the face and neck
- Diminished or elimination of fine lines
- Decreased eye puffiness and dark circles
- Lift in saggy areas
- Reduces hyper-pigmentation

Results are significant and noticeable for most patients, though it is important to realize they are less dramatic than plastic surgery. If you are looking for more immediate and extreme results, facial rejuvenation acupuncture may not be for you

Patients with extremely weakened or stagnant patterns in the body may not be suitable to start cosmetic acupuncture immediately. Healthy facial skin requires a stabilized and strong constitution.

While cosmetic acupuncture is a natural procedure with minimal side effects, caution should be taken with some patients. Before treatment, please let your practitioner know if you fall into one of the possible contraindications or precautions below

.Conditions for which cosmetic acupuncture is contraindicated:
- Recent cosmetic injections (Botox, Juvederm, etc.)
- Severe bleeding disorder
- Pregnancy- Seizure/epilepsy disorders
- Uncontrolled hypertension
- Concussion
- Pituitary tumors
- Congestive heart failure
- Skin Cancer/MelanomaConditions that may or may not be contraindicated
- Chronic vertigo/dizziness
- Migraine
- Blood thinning medication
- Cancer

The above conditions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Please also let us know the day of your appointment if any of the following occur:
- Oral herpes breakout
- Acute allergic reactions
- Acute migraine, headache or migraine flare
- Face or body sunburn
- Colds/Flu
- Any new medical condition

Number of Treatments Needed

Our recommended protocol is five weekly sessions. Ten sessions (two per week) may be appropriate for those with advanced signs of aging.

Please make sure you have the five (or ten) weeks to commit to weekly sessions. We typically will not take patients for only one or two treatments. Consistency is key to seeing results. Your skin appearance is linked to your internal homeostasis and your weekly acupuncture session is designed to optimize both of these elements so you are satisfied with the final results.

Once your series is finished, we recommend a monthly session to maintain the results, as well as repeating the weekly series once a year.

First Visit, $150, 90 minutes. Current patients of UCFH receive a $30 discount for the first visit.
This visit includes skin and constitutional evaluation from a Chinese medicine perspective. We discuss your concerns for overall health and skin and provide information on how to heal your skin from the inside out. At the end of the visit you will receive home care information and facial serum to improve results.

Return Visits, $120, 60 minutes.
Prepaid Packages: 5 visits, $525, 10 visits, $1000.

Packages are non refundable.