Energy Medicine in Seattle

What is energy healing? 

Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing is a healing technique based in the concept that the therapist can help channel and facilitate energy into the client. An application of body/mind/spirit therapy, this subtle work is based on the scientific concept that all living things are made up of matter, produced by energy fields at various frequencies. This energy is universal life force, and helps activate, regulate and reinstate the natural healing process. Rooted in the belief that each of us has a potential to heal ourselves and become a channel for the healing of others, this modality helps implement that. Using gentle-to-zero touch, clients remain fully clothed and often drift into a meditative state during the duration of the session.




How does energy healing work? 

Energy healing uses universal life force energy (some call chi) to harmonize and balance the body's energy. his balancing creates a sense of well being in the body.

What does energy healing feel like? 

Energy healing tends to be very relaxing. Your provider is a conduit and allows energy to run through themselves to you. You allow whatever amount of energy that you want and need to enter the appropriate parts of your body. Your provider's hands become warm and this is a sign that the energy is flowing.

What is a session like? 

At the beginning of your session, you can discuss any of your thoughts or concerns. Then, you will relax on the table while your provider performs energy healing. You can talk during your session or not. At the end, you and your provider can check in about anything that came up for you during the session.

Why would a person have an energy healing session? 

Benefits may include a feeling of more peace and relaxation. Energy healing has the power to heal a person in whatever way they feel they need to be healed - from aches and pains to emotional distress.


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