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Rest and Restore Spring Retreat




Doe Bay Washington Rest and Relax Retreat:
Rest and Restore at our Spring Retreat in Doe Bay Washington 2024

For many of us, it has been a challenging time with the weight of the world. The stressors of life keep us from finding space to fully let go, to feel safe, to be curious, to connect more deeply within and together, to let our hearts break and to feel joyfully alive.

  • Feel held in heart-centered, calming, restorative and healing practices.
  • Soak in the outdoor pools, sit in the sauna, hike, explore with the trees, water, land.
  • Connect in spiritual community while also taking time for yourself.
  • Enjoy nourishing food.

    The Rest and Restore Spring Retreat offers an opportunity to sink into a supportive and non-judgmental space with others who are called to connect with the inner feminine energy within themselves.

    Through gently guided practice and ritual, we explore the wisdom within us. We warmly invite cis & trans women, as well as non-binary humans who want to connect with their inner wisdom.

COST: $720, Early bird rate, $648 by April 22nd
Ferries are booking up reserve your spot today!
Bios: Roxane Geller & Michal Waldfogel

  • Healing journeys, Self-reflection + journaling
  • Chanting + meditation
  • Supportive group discussion +sharing
  • Ritual practice
  • Moving our bodies
  • Exploring the divine feminine wisdom, your intuition
  • Moving our bodies and finding stillness
  • Time to rest, restore and explore according to your intuition
  • Tech free
  • All group offerings, led by Roxane and Michal in the Retreat House – Doe Bay Resort & Retreat.
  • Breakfast and Lunch each day, Dinner on Wednesday. Healthful, delicious meals prepared by our Naturopath friend Leah Alvarado.
    Vegan/Vegetarian/Pescatarian/Gluten Free Options
    (we can accommodate most diets).
  • Access to the Doe Bay Resort including the outdoor soaking tubs, sauna, hiking, yoga & meditation room.
Spring Retreat: rest and restore May29-June1
Rest and Restore in the outdoor pools

Retreat price does not include lodging.

  • Book Lodging for cabins (private or shared), yurts, or a treehouse! Accommodations-Doe Bay Resort & Retreat. Book soon to secure your stay.
  • We have one double occupancy room in the Retreat House (for 1-2 people for an
    additional fee-email us if interested).
  • Transportation to and from Doe Bay (see information about reserving your spot
    on the Ferry). Washington State Ferries Vehicle Reservations System (WSF VRS)
  • Book your ferry now even if you wait to register for the retreat. To ensure you
    arrive by our start time at 6PM Wednesday 5/29, allow 2 hours from Ferry to Doe
    Bay & check in. Our circle will close Saturday morning by 10AM We
    do recommend booking your return ferry on Sunday ASAP
    as spots are
    already booking for the desirable crossing times.


MEALS: All meals except dinners on Thursday and Friday (most accommodations include a kitchenette). We recommend dining at the famed seed to table Doe Bay Cafe. Café – Doe Bay Resort & Retreat. Michal and Roxane will be there!

Cancellations: To keep our group intimate we have limited the number of
attendees, and, with the amount of time we spend preparing, we are unable to
offer refunds. If the need to cancel arises you may gift your spot to someone else
or provide a scholarship for someone who would like to attend.

Want some Extra Time?
Come a day early or stay an extra day and explore, rent a kayak Kayaking – Doe
Bay Resort & Retreat,
hike Mt. Constitution, rest, receive a massage Massage –
Doe Bay Resort & Retreat
, have dinner at the Doe Bay Cafe Café – Doe Bay
Resort & Retreat.

5 Element Wellness



5 element metal

Season: Fall
Organs: Lung and Large Intestine
Color: White
Virtue: Appreciation
Signs of Imbalance: Perfectionism, Materialism, Inability to let go, lack of inspiration, Feeling disconnected from spirit
Power Foods: Apples, Pears, Mushrooms, Cabbage
Guiding Question: Are you holding onto beliefs, stories or things that are no longer necessary?

What’s Your Element: Self-Discovery & Expansion with the 5 Elements


Ever wonder why certain people rub you the wrong way? Or why you get stuck in repetitive emotional patterns? 5 Element theory helps you uncover the reasons and restore balance. This course will help you get to know the Elements and identify the role your dominant Element plays in your life.

Covid Recovery with the Five Elements


Restore Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Well Being with the Five Elements

We share insights on health & wellness; we teach you how to connect to your inner wisdom so you can live a resourced life with purpose.

During Covid…

COVID upended our lives and as things return to normal, you may need support dealing with the emotional and spiritual aftermath of the last year. Throughout the last year, we were operating in survival mode, dealing with one day at at a time. We didn’t have the space and opportunity to process our emotions and evaluate the meaning of the year. COVID caused hardships emotionally, physically and spiritually. Many of us are still reeling from financial hardships, health issues, stress and exhaustion due to the pandemic.

This course will provide you with some easy, practical tools to help you restore wellness to your whole being. We will guide you through 5 Element insights, short meditations, guided journeys, and show you how to connect with yourself so you can feel fully resourced and ready to engage with the world.

What are the 5 Elements?

5 Element theory is a system used in Chinese Medicine to restore balance emotionally and energetically. The 5 Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each of us is dominant in one element and this element influences the way we interpret life events and our reactions. Understanding your elemental patterns and the rhythms of the elements around you, helps to repair old wounds and supports deep evolution within.

Workshop: Liver Renewal


Tuesday, April 6th 6:30-7:30 PST

Holistic liver support workshop. We’ll explore ways to help the liver function optimally from an emotional and physical perspective; integrating Eastern and Western Medicine tools. We’ll also discuss how to safely and in a nurturing way cleanse and detox an overworked liver. This workshop will be the intro to a guided liver renewal program with Roxane.

Liver Renewal crocus image

Register for the Liver Renewal Webinar here!