Signs of a Tipped Uterus and How Maya Abdominal Massage Can Help


A tipped uterus creates abnormal pressure in the affected area creating a restriction of blood flow and lymph. This decrease of vital channels of flow results in an increase of acidity, pain, inflammation, and potential disease. Nerve connections become disrupted, disabling communication between the reproductive organs and the brain thus causing hormonal imbalances.

The displacement of the uterus (or tipped uterus) can create a myriad of symptoms, including:

  1. Painful periods and ovulation
  2. Irregular menstrual cycles
  3. Dark and clotty menstrual blood
  4. Hormone imbalances (depression, anxiety, early menopause, difficult menopause)
  5. Chronic low back pain especially during menstruation
  6. Chronic constipation before or during your period
  7. Chronic bladder and yeast infections
  8. Endometriosis, ovarian cysts/polyps
  9. Fertility challenges and miscarriage
  10. Unexplained pelvic pain
  11. Foul smelling menstrual blood

There are over ten ligaments within your pelvic bowl and over time these ligaments loosen, pulling the uterus out of its optimal position. Loosening of the ligaments may be caused by aging and gravity, pregnancy, high impact exercises, car accidents, injuries to the sacrum or tailbone, or surgeries.

How Maya Works
The Mayan Abdominal Massage is a non-invasive, external massage that guides internal abdominal and pelvic organs into proper position. This massage also works to strengthen and tonify the uterine ligaments.

Luckily for us, these ligaments are reflexogenic which allows the uterus to move without causing harm to the ligaments. Depending on severity, it may take one to several sessions with a trained professional to get and keep the uterus out of a tilted position. Three sessions are usually the minimum.

My Sessions
My sessions involve Myofascial Release to the pelvic bowl, an application of a Castor Oil Pack, Maya Abdominal Massage and instructions for Maya Abdominal Self-Care Massage which you do at home. The additional therapies of Myofascial Release and Castor Oil Pack supplement Maya Abdominal Massage techniques.

I facilitate the John Barnes technique of Myofascial Release to help bring the pelvic bowl back into proper alignment. The uterine ligaments are connected to the inside of the pelvis, so if the pelvis is out of alignment then your uterus might be too.

Application of a Castor Oil Pack helps to decrease inflammation in the applied area. While known as a folk remedy, research has proven that the external application of castor oil produces T-cells and lymphocytes. Therefore decreasing toxicity, increasing liver activity, and improving the immune and digestive systems.

If you think you may have a tipped uterus and would like to book a session please email the center at

Katherine Mulholland, LMP


Prescriptions/Referrals Required for all Insurance-Billed Massage


New Massage Policy — Effective 9/12/2016

We now require all insurance-billed visits for massage to have a current prescription or referral even if your plan states that you do not need one. Most plans require a prescription or referral so this change will only effect those whose insurance states that a prescription or referral is not needed.

Why the Change?
We are updating our policy at this time because massage therapists are not allowed to diagnose a medical condition and a medical diagnosis is required to submit an insurance claim.

If you do not have a prescription or referral on file, you may obtain one from your MD, ND, or Chiropractor prior to your next visit.

If you don’t have a prescription or referral at the time of your next visit, we can bill you for the massage while you obtain the prescription or referral. Once in hand, we can bill the visit to your insurance.

Please note the prescription/referral must have the following: Diagnosis code(s), Start date (prior to, on, or before the start of your next visit), and Provider name.

If you have any questions regarding this updated policy, please email

We understand this may be an added step for some of our clients. Thank you for your continued patronage to the center.

Thank you, UCFH Staff

Treating Trauma and PTSD with Massage Therapy


In my practice as a massage therapist, I’m drawn to working with clients whose experiences include PTSD, trauma, and anxiety—as well as a range of others in need of support through their own journey of emotional healing.

What the above have in common is a heightened Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). You may know this as your “fight or flight” response. The SNS stimulates the adrenal glands to release hormones that increase your heart and breath rate, slow digestion and elimination, and release extra glucose to sustain energy. When the situation is resolved, the sympathetic functions return to its resting state, allowing your heart rate to go back to normal, your breathing to slow down, and your other body functions to return to a balanced state.

When someone is dealing with trauma, PTSD, or anxiety, their SNS is working overtime and so is their body. Massage has wonderful benefits specifically helpful for these challenging symptoms, as it can relax the SNS and ease clients back into a parasympatheic state of balance and function. Whatever you are dealing with on your journey, as a new client you will feel heard and respected as we develop a holistic treatment plan relevant to your specific needs and expectations.

Communication before, during, and after the session is prioritized for all clients, but I aim to go above and beyond for clients who experience PTSD and anxiety. We can discuss your triggers and a plan of action for how I can help hold a safe space for any emotional release or anxiety that should arise during the session.

Our physical bodies store trauma in our tissues and organs, creating discomfort and other uncomfortable physical sensations. Massage can absolutely facilitate their release and help free you physically from painful experiences your body has been holding onto.

As a member of this diverse Central District community and a Queer-identified human, I also make it a priority to create an informed, educated, safe space for all bodies—including trans and non-binary. Know that I am comfortable with your body, and that I respect your pronouns and your process.

Conversations with the non-binary people in my life have helped me understand the physical and emotional transitions and impacts they experience, including heightened stress, anxiety, and emotionality. These symptoms elevate the Sympathetic Nervous System and make it even more difficult for the body to find balance. Regular massage helps break the stress and anxiety cycle.

At the Union Center for Healing, we believe educated practitioners in a safe and inclusive environment provides our patients and clients the necessary level of comfort to receive all of the benefits of bodywork.

If you are transitioning, have transitioned, are uncomfortable in your body or dealing with trauma and anxiety—please come see me. Together we can facilitate healing in a safe space.

Author: Jennifer Singer, LMP