Monthly Archives: February 2021

Guided Journeys


Guided Journeys are a way to access and develop your intuition, relieve stress and get insight on longstanding emotional/physical patterns. If you’ve had difficulty developing a meditation practice, a guided journey may be easier for you. We include Guided Journeys in our workshops and now we are offering it as a separate service. Each session is virtual and developed by us specifically for you. A journey is 30 minutes and we’ll provide an audio recording for you to use later. You can book online or contact us to set up a time. Because it is a virtual service, there are times available that will not show up online. $55

Love your Body: Healing your Relationship to Food with the 5 Elements


February 22nd 6:30-7:30PM (PST)
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Our culture fosters deeply disordered attitudes and behavior toward food. This workshop will help you understand your disordered relationship to food from a 5 Element perspective and how to heal from old patterns and thoughts. You’ll get tools to bring more joy and balance into your body and mind.

Imbolc & Awakening to the Heart


February 2 6:30-7:30PM (PST)

In tonight’s Imbolc workshop, one thing we’ll chat about is Brigid. Brigid is associated with healing and rebirth. She’s seen as being the bringer of Spring and helper to children and animals. Her energy supports making plans for the Spring, strengthening your resolve for social justice and getting balanced in your body/ mind. #brigid #healing #imbolc #selfcare #springiscoming #waterelement #firewithinwater