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Food As Medicine


Saturday, December 8th @ 1pm-2:30pm

Fire cider is a powerful warming tonic to help build immunity during the cold winter months. It’s a fun and simple recipe that is highly accessible, as it can be concocted with items found lying around your kitchen. Half food, half medicine, this yummy vinegar potion can help combat colds, flus, bronchial congestion and infections. 
This hour and a half long class will cover the story behind fire cider, why it’s main ingredients are immune enhancing, as well as a hands on lesson where we all make a fire cider to take home!

Class cost will include your jar and ingredients for the fire cider you’ll be making during this class. 

Tickets: $25 a person. Please buy tickets in advance to ensure your place. 
When: Saturday, December 8th @ 1pm-2:30pm
Max capacity: 8 people. Sign up now to secure your spot by visiting:
For questions, email Dylan at

Dylan Spencer (she/her) is an acupuncturist, Chinese & Western herbalist at the Union Center for Healing. She believes herbal medicine is a powerful tool everyone should have access to. Fire cider is an important medicine to her because it helps us reclaim the power of food and herbs as medicine in a world where we are taught to depend on over the counter pharmaceuticals.