Covid Recovery with the Five Elements


Restore Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Well Being with the Five Elements

We share insights on health & wellness; we teach you how to connect to your inner wisdom so you can live a resourced life with purpose.

During Covid…

COVID upended our lives and as things return to normal, you may need support dealing with the emotional and spiritual aftermath of the last year. Throughout the last year, we were operating in survival mode, dealing with one day at at a time. We didn’t have the space and opportunity to process our emotions and evaluate the meaning of the year. COVID caused hardships emotionally, physically and spiritually. Many of us are still reeling from financial hardships, health issues, stress and exhaustion due to the pandemic.

This course will provide you with some easy, practical tools to help you restore wellness to your whole being. We will guide you through 5 Element insights, short meditations, guided journeys, and show you how to connect with yourself so you can feel fully resourced and ready to engage with the world.

What are the 5 Elements?

5 Element theory is a system used in Chinese Medicine to restore balance emotionally and energetically. The 5 Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each of us is dominant in one element and this element influences the way we interpret life events and our reactions. Understanding your elemental patterns and the rhythms of the elements around you, helps to repair old wounds and supports deep evolution within.