Reiki and Intuitive Energy Work – Care for the Mind, Body and Spirit


Reiki is a very subtle and gentle healing modality originating in Japan. It works by balancing and re-aligning all the molecules and subatomic particles in the human body and the energy field surrounding the body. Thereby helping all the cells talk to each other.

Clients come to see me for a variety of issues. They may be experiencing physical, emotional, or spiritual pain or some combination of these.

During a session, a client lies on a massage table fully clothed. I gently place my hands either directly on or just above the body, depending on the client’s comfort level. As a practitioner, I am working with the clients energy centers and pathways — clearing out stagnant energy, thought patterns, or beliefs. I feel sensation in my hands like tingling, heat, or cold when over a part of the body that is in pain and/or intuitively perceive information about the person that has contributed to their discomfort. With the intuitive information, I am able to make suggestions that can help bring about a shift in perspective and transformation.

Most clients feel very relaxed during a session and are able to gain more clarity and begin to make more positive choices in their lives. Many clients feel a significant reduction in physical pain and for some the pain is eliminated altogether.

One of the most memorable sessions I had was with a woman who was experiencing severe pain in her back to the point where she couldn’t stand upright and had difficulty walking. During the session, I began asking her a few questions about the pain and some experiences she’d had in earlier parts of her life and how those experiences might be showing up and effecting her in her current situation. As we talked she could feel the pain literally shifting in her back and at one point this shifting was quite uncomfortable for her.

Although I didn’t want her to be in any pain, I knew we were on the right track and continued to gently move my hands onto different areas of her back. By the end of the session, and much to her relief, she was able to sit up with comfort and then stand upright feeling very little pain. She came for an additional session to see if we could release a small area of pain that wasn’t resolved in the first session and left feeling completely free of it.

I believe we all heal ourselves in whatever time and through whatever means are best for us. Every person will have a different experience with energy work as we are all so unique. Some issues may take additional sessions or a combination of therapies to help resolve whatever is going on.

I feel tremendous compassion for all of my clients. And strive to create an atmosphere of safety and relaxation — where there is freedom for you to be you.

I am so grateful to all my clients for deepening my knowledge and my practice. It is truly a pleasure to be of service.


Dawn Moss