Seminars & Events

Imbolc & Awakening to the Heart

February 2 6:30-7:30PM (PST)

In tonight’s Imbolc workshop, one thing we’ll chat about is Brigid. Brigid is associated with healing and rebirth. She’s seen as being the bringer of Spring and helper to children and animals. Her energy supports making plans for the Spring, strengthening your resolve for social justice and getting balanced in your body/ mind. #brigid #healing #imbolc #selfcare #springiscoming #waterelement #firewithinwater

Metal Wellness Seminar

Monday October 19th 6:30-7:30pm
Grief, “Ghosts” & Forgiveness

It’s Metal season and the lessons of this element are extremely relevant to world events. In our seminar, we will discuss the general characteristics of the Metal element and do a deep dive on its relationship to grief, letting go of old stories/ “ghosts”, forgiveness and more. Use our online scheduler to book and the zoom meeting link will be emailed to you. This seminar will be led by Roxane Geller EAMP and Vickie Summerquist EAMP. See you there! #wellnessseminar #5elements #selfcare #mentalhealth

Friday Webinar: 5 Element Dream Analysis

These strange times are leading to seriously strange dreams. This Friday, you can learn what certain imagery and themes mean from a 5 element perspective. Get insight on your emotions and subconscious. If you’ve had a particularly rich dream, please share it! Please visit and subscribe to our facebook page for details!
May 8th 1pm

Spirit of the Wood Element Webinar

This week’s seminar will focus on the Wood element. Through guided meditation and discussion, we will connect to the energy of the season and learn how anger and conflict can lead to positive change.
Use this link to register…
Donations for the seminar can be made on Fullslate but please attend regardless of your ability to donate.
#5elements #wellness #webinar